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Articles for Writers and Authors

Articles really help!

Helpful articles on the business of writing are a valuable resource. The Internet provides us with a wealth of free advice and articles, some claiming to help you with that elusive publishing deal, others like this one with promotion and publicity especially for authors and writers.

One of the most often asked questions from writers is how can I generate traffic to my web site? There are hundreds of marketing methods but one very effective method is to write and distribute articles - I would go as far to say that getting your own articles written, distributed and published on the Internet is one of the very best Internet marketing techniques in existence. After all, your article may prove to be a constant source of information for people searching the net about your topic; they may even link to it from their site to keep it as a valuable resource for their visitors.

Unusual Articles for Writers and Authors

An online article can stand more chance of a decent search engine ranking if the content is slightly unusual. For example: Article - What makes a face interesting? People want useful information and they may even reward you by promoting it to others when you provide it. Authors obviously want tips on writing and with decent marketing budgets getting few and far between, they quite rightly search for articles on that all important subject: 'PROMOTION'.

Genre definition articles for writers

The French term "genre," meaning "gender," or "kind," is a term for expressing yourself in writing. Genre is applicable for all styles of writing and publication and the subject of 'genre definition' itself is definitely 'as long as a piece of string'. With this in mind I have included many articles on this site for different genres, from the Crime Fiction genre definition, Thriller Fiction definition right through to Fantasy and even Non Fiction. The articles on this site are not designed to provide a comprehensive definition of the genre itself, but indeed, to get people thinking and want to explore to find out more.

Article Writing to get started

If you're interested in pursuing a career as a writer, I think it helps to be realistic. It generally takes even the most dedicated writer several years before he can make a living off of the trade; some people who make their living as writers have even started to build their portfolio of published work as early as when they were at school. In other words, don't quit your day job. Ease into writing gradually, perhaps doing freelance pieces while maintaining a more stable job part-time. Writing articles to get started is a good idea but don't just write articles simply for the fame and prestige that comes with it. Being able to say that you've written for a well-known site or publication is enough to earn you a bit of extra respect and credibility, particularly if they can prove it with a link back to your own author or writer website. Find the right place to publish your work and you may even find that people will begin to recognise you, more importantly, your writing.

Structuring a good article

An article that usually includes a headline, introduction, body, conclusion and resource box.


Article writing is the one of the effective method of getting back links today. Back links are back bone for developing page rank to sites.

Article writing for authors can also be very rewarding, - especially if it does end up providing visitors to your own author website. When it's done, show it to your friends and colleagues and don’t worry if they criticize you; It is better that your friends find any mistakes rather than your site visitors. Always remember, a good editor is a writer’s best friend. Target your article to your preferred audience and remember that not everyone will want your information, so include your audience in the title or introduction. When you focus your information, you write more compelling, focused copy that your readers will love. I believe that they will reward you by checking to where your book is sold. By doing regular article writing you can improve search engine ranking as well as your writing skills. 'Good writers love to write and it shows.'

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