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About Find me an Author

A mother's smile, a father's loving eyes: From the day we're born, the sight of other humans is probably the most important focus for our visual attention.

I wanted to create a promotional site for authors and include a photo of the authors, and then it dawned on me: I don't even know what my favourite author Bernard Cornwell looks like!

With this in mind, I did a survey of 300 people in my town and quickly discovered that I wasn't on my own. I showed pictures of 10 famous authors and it wasn't a surprise that only 15% could name three or more.

I realised the importance that facial images occupy in one's life, and thought: what a unique and fun way it would be for a reader to discover an author's works. Trust your instincts! Follow your inner voice! It might not always work, but why not? If you find someone's face interesting then maybe, you might also find their writing interesting; OK, these are basic instincts, but in this hi-tech world we forget: we are all born with key instincts of which facial recognition is very important to us all.

Aims of the site

Where else can an author of just one book ( maybe even self-published) be on an equal par with best selling authors: James Herbert, Stephen King, J K Rowling etc?

This unique website 'find me an' provides a way for readers to discover a new writer of their favourite genre simply by ignoring all other marketing techniques and past success, by simply using a basic instinct that we all possess: Our ability to feel empathy with another human just by facial recognition. The beauty of this idea is that we are all different; a face that somebody regards as interesting will be regarded differently by someone else.

Author Equality

Because the average person can only recognise one or two authors by sight alone, this means that the authors on the site are separated by genre only - therefore the authors here stand an equal chance of a visit to their website!

More information on what makes a face interesting